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We simply love the grace and elegance of our 6 yard saree drape. But being in it for longer periods of time is not always a very smooth experience for many of us. On research and reflection, one of the biggest difficulty was simply using the Wash room and being constantly worried about either staining or loosening it or crumpling it. Habbada Fashions’ saree shaping in-skirt was thus born to address this worry and fuse function with fashion.


Awesome Features

Feature 1

Semi mermaid cut gives you the right shape to flaunt your drape combined with enough comfort to do your regular activities.

Feature 2

Comes in 4 different hip sizes. No drawstrings that causes deep painful marks at the waist line. Elastic stretch and buttons to adjust the size based on the convenience.

Feature 3

Concealed slits and Drawstring at the bottom hemline as a mechanism to help you use the washroom without staining and crumpling your saree. Refer the manual below for detailed instructions. (pink outline is only for representation and not present in the actual garment)

User instructions

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Soft Cotton Stretch

Soft Cotton Stretch

Blood Red
Sea Blue

Soft Cotton Stretch

Silky satin

Silky satin

Hot Pink
Light Yellow (almost Lemon)
Shiny Gold

Silky satin

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