They were crying out loud. Yet I was helpless!!

I am talking about my Sarees that were locked up inside the wardrobe for month and years together without seeing the light of the day . They were probably cursing me for not letting them out for more than an hour or two even on occasions..

Our 6 yard drapes are extremely gorgeous and elegant. However, being in a saree for more an hour was extremely difficult for me. I used to admire and at times envy those who are able to carry them in absolute style.

During one of the festive seasons , when i had to be in saree for longer hours, I started the wondering why was I was so uncomfortable and came up with the following :

  1. 1. Saree draping was a tedious process
  2. 2. I was never able to get the shape right without it feeling too tight
  3. 3. The traditional petticoats always got stuck between my legs making it very difficult to go about the routine
  4. 4. Those painful drawstrings always left a mark on waist and worsened if the climate was humid
  5. 5. Last but the most important was that it was a sheer nightmare to use a rest room. The thought of Staining and crumpling my well draped saree made me cringe. But just because I am in a saree, i am not going avoid using rest rooms altogether. That would be criminal to my body and very unhealthy.

This time, I was determined to neither give up on my saree nor get used to the discomfort. So i started searching for solutions. I found some great channels online to learn saree draping but could not find a single product that would solve my other challenges at one go.

That’s when i decided to take things in my hands and Habbada Fashions was born.

What makes us special? Keep watching this space 🙂



Founder – Habbada Fashions

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